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Handling debt collectors after you've filed bankruptcy in 7 steps

Once you've filed for bankruptcy, the court issues something known as an "automatic stay." This bars your creditors from taking further action against you unless the bankruptcy court specifically allows it. That doesn't always stop the harassment immediately, however.

There's generally a short window of time between the issuance of the automatic stay and when your creditors receive the official notice from the bankruptcy court. It may also take several days for a notice to get into whatever database the debt collectors are using to make their calls. That means that you may still get phone calls from creditors who legitimately aren't aware that you've filed bankruptcy.

Drunk driving charges can drive you straight to financial trouble

When you think of things that cost a lot of money, or situations, purchases and decisions that may lead to financial problems, you might be like many other Michigan residents who would include superfluous spending and unwise purchases on their lists. Other situations, however, can be just as financially devastating although you might not even realize it at the time. For instance, do you know drunk driving charges can lead to long-term financial trouble?

As many as four million adults throughout the nation allegedly admitted to operating motor vehicles while intoxicated in 2010. In fact, there are at least one million alcohol-related arrests with drunk driving charges filed every year. Many of them may not realize the serious financial consequences often associated with such incidents.

The difference between employees and independent contractors

There's absolutely nothing wrong with hiring independent contractors. Many industries thrive because of them.

However, there is a problem with hiring an employee and misclassifying them as an independent contractor. The worker ends up being denied benefits that he or she needs, including overtime pay, unemployment, workers' compensation and medical leave. As an employer, you can face heavy fines and other consequences with the Internal Revenue Service if you're caught.

General Motors gets bad news in bankruptcy lawsuit

The final outcome of a case that went all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States certainly isn't a cause for celebration by General Motors (GM).

GM had sought to avoid several hundred lawsuits by people who allege that ignition-switch defects on their vehicles led to injuries or death. Faulty ignition switches on GM vehicles are connected to around 275 injuries and 124 fatalities.

Can you get an annulment in Michigan?

A lot of people think that an annulment is a quick solution to a short-term marriage, but that isn't quite the case. Annulments are actually often harder to secure than a divorce or dissolution.

While a divorce or dissolution brings a marriage to an end, an annulment is only granted if it can be shown that the marriage was never really valid in the first place -- and the reasons that a marriage may be declared voidable vary somewhat from state to state.

Buzzed driving can result in a drunk driving charge in Michigan

Michigan is known for a lot of things, and one of them is the state's hard stance on impaired driving. Did you know that buzzed driving can result in a drunk driving charge if a law enforcement officer notices any visible signs of impairment?

In most states, you will face drunk driving charges only if your blood-alcohol level has exceeded a certain point, which is generally .08 percent. However, if a police officer suspects impairment and your BAC is below that level, you may still face an operating while visibly impaired charge. This may not sound like a serious offense, but it does carry some significant penalties if a court convicts you.

Unequal but fair: Dividing wealth when there's a family business

How do you divide an inheritance up between your children when the majority of your assets are mingled with the family business?

It might not be practical or even desirable to hand the business over in equal shares to your heirs. They may not all have the same business aptitude or interest. One may have already invested his or her time and energy into making the business grow while another explored different interests.

What are 'avoidance powers'?

Many people don't realize this, but from the moment that you file your bankruptcy, the trustee assigned to your case has the status and power of a creditor -- but not just any ordinary creditor.

Your trustee is treated as a creditor with some unusual abilities known as "avoidance powers." Learn more about what this means and how it can affect your case.

A lot of money can be at stake over the name of a business

Why shouldn't a restaurateur be able to use his own name on his business?

There's quite possibly a lot of good reasons to stop him -- especially if he sold the name when he sold his previous restaurant, along with the trademark, recipes and designs.

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