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Another celebrity goes to jail for bankruptcy fraud

Bankruptcy fraud is no laughing matter, even though certain celebrities have lately treated the court's rules like a joke -- at least until they were caught. The latest celebrity to land in jail over the issue is Abby Lee Miller, the owner of the dance school featured in TV's Dance Moms.

On July 12, 2017, Miller reported to jail in California after her request to complete her sentence in the federal prison nearest her home was granted. Her jail term for trying to pull a few fancy steps in court is for a year and a day, though she likely has hopes for an early release. The reality star was reportedly fearful about what the next year held for her.

Do you hope to protect your assets for future generations?

As you get closer to your golden years, you may have a better idea of what type of estate you may leave behind after your death. As a pragmatic and caring person, you may understand that planning ahead when it comes to the handling of your estate could make your passing easier on your family. When you feel the need to start planning or to update an already existing plan, you may wonder how to best protect the assets you have accumulated and will accumulate.

A variety of steps may allow you to achieve your goals. Therefore, by exploring those options and assessing your circumstances, you may find the approach that best suits your desires and needs.

High-asset couples face difficult times when valuing items

When you're going through a divorce, everything you own has to be assigned a dollar value in order to determine how to divide the family assets fairly -- that task can be painful enough even when you don't have much beyond your personal furnishings and a few pieces of electronics to divide.

If you happen to have a family business, a house, a couple cars, assorted stocks and bonds and other investments, maybe even a collection or two, the process can be downright excruciating.

2 tips for closing out accounts when you're closing a business

Businesses close up shop all the time -- owners die, partners have a falling out or the market changes unexpectedly and spells the end of what once was a thriving company.

While there are many steps involved in closing a business, you can start by trying to settle the company accounts.

Bankruptcy and security clearances: How mitigation helps

Why do people ultimately betray their country?

Half of them do it for the money. For some, it's pure greed -- they have plenty of money already but they just want more. For others, however, the lure isn't really the money -- it's the feeling of being out of debt that the money could bring.

Defending your rights in the face of an OWI arrest

If you told the truth when the police officer asked if you had been drinking, you may have thought that your honesty would work in your favor. However, you likely provided the excuse officers needed to run you through a series of field sobriety tests, along with a preliminary breath test.

You may have been shocked that the glass of wine you had with dinner or the couple of beers you drank with the guys hours earlier registered that your blood alcohol content was over the legal limit. Your honesty just landed you in the back of a police car.

Hiding a divorce from insurer leads to fraud charges

Sometimes people still retain enough affection for their ex-spouses that they're willing to help them through a time of crisis. That isn't always a bad thing -- unless you break the law to do it.

A Michigan man and his ex-wife were both convicted of felony health care fraud after they apparently concealed their divorce from Blue Cross and Blue Shield, the medical insurance provider, so that the ex-wife could continue receiving coverage.

4 questions to ask before you pick an executor

The executor of your will is the person who will ultimately be responsible for trying to see that your last wishes are followed.

There's no rule requiring executors to have professional financial or legal experience -- but they do have to do their best to fulfill all of the requirements of the law and see that your assets are handled appropriately. They have to take an inventory of your estate, file the papers to get the estate into probate, close out your accounts, file your last tax return and divide up all of your liquid and non-liquid assets according to the law and your will.

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