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What should you keep in mind when dividing up retirement funds?

A pension or retirement fund isn't something that every divorce involves. If a couple marries young and divorces young, there may not be anything invested in any sort or retirement plan. If you're older, however, it's much more likely that pensions and retirement plans are likely to be a significant factor when you divide up the assets in divorce.

Spousal support in Detroit -- 4 myths debunked

Most residents of Oakland County would agree that marriage has undergone a dramatic evolution in recent decades. At one time, the wife in a marriage remained in the home caring for children and taking care of the household. Now, both spouses usually hold jobs or maintain careers, each of them contributing in some way to the household's finances.

Unconventional assets and property division in Detroit

So, you and your spouse have worked your property division out in anticipation of Michigan's equitable distribution laws and are ready to divorce. However, we have a couple of questions to ask you before you head into the courtroom. Have you taken any unconventional assets you may share into account, and are you really sure you are prepared?

Myth vs. reality in domestic violence

People who have never been the target of domestic violence often have misconceptions about the victims and the abusers. It is important that all members of society develop an accurate concept of domestic violence. Doing so can ensure a better understanding of this nationwide problem while increasing the public's awareness. In turn, better understanding and awareness could serve as early warning signs to potential victims and even to potential abusers.

What should I do if my spouse is hiding assets in our divorce?

While the concept is often shocking to many Detroit residents getting a divorce, some people do indeed attempt to hide assets. Divorce can bring many negative emotions to the forefront. Those who feel angry or bitter about the divorce may want to hide assets just to hurt the other spouse. Other times, people are simply greedy and want to keep wealth and property all for themselves.

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