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Experienced Legal Counsel For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Hard work and sacrifice goes into the establishment and operation of a business. A drop in revenues and an increase in costs cannot only impact your bottom line, but also the future of your company. Closing down is not the only option you have.

At Sheehan & Associates, P.L.C., our lawyers fight to protect your business interests and your rights in the filing of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

You can stop banks from shutting down your business operations. Contact us at 248-218-1473 or toll free at 877-600-7891 to schedule an appointment in our offices in Detroit area and Newport Beach, California.

Understanding Your Rights Under Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

In a challenging economy, small and mid-sized businesses struggle to compete with their larger counterparts. In southeastern Michigan — including the Flint area and Metro Detroit — many auto-related supply businesses face challenges. Waiting for a bottom line to improve may only delay the inevitable. Vendors are demanding payment. Banks are threatening extreme measures in ending your business operations.

A Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing gives you time to restructure your debt and work out arrangements with creditors. It stops aggressive collection actions, keeps your staff employed and protects your business from closing.

Our job is to attend to every detail of your Chapter 11 bankruptcy. From the initial filing to working with creditors to representing you in court, we focus on getting your business back on track. A fresh start and second chance await with just one telephone call.

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