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Financial problems are not always the result of poor money management or irresponsibility. Sometimes life presents unexpected setbacks that impact your ability to make ends meet. The loss of a job, breakup of a marriage or serious medical problems can place the most financially stable individual into a highly unstable situation.

At Sheehan & Associates, P.L.C., we do not judge or lecture. Regardless of what brought you to our law offices in the Detroit area and Newport Beach, California, we work hard to get you the fresh start you need through Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Assert your legal right to discharge your debts with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Contact us at 248-218-1473 or toll free at 877-600-7891.

Flint Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys

Creditors will stop calling you. They will employ any strategy to embarrass and intimidate you into paying. Their harassment will continue until they get what they want. That ringing phone will only result in certified letters and lawsuits.

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a financial do-over for consumers and business owners seeking to protect their personal assets. While the laws changed, Chapter 7 still remains a viable strategy to get out from under. Once you pass a financial means test and agree to credit counseling, we start the process of discharging your debts.

Please know that individuals and entrepreneurs who do not qualify for a debt discharge, a Chapter 13 or Chapter 11 business bankruptcy is also an option.

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