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DUI traffic stops and understanding the charges against you

If you are facing DUI charges, you understand there is a lot on the line. Your future and your freedom could be at risk, and you understand the importance of properly fighting the charges against you. Michigan DUI laws are strict, and your quick action to seek help could be important for your defense.

One of the most basic elements of a DUI defense is understanding the nature of the case against you, starting with the original traffic stop. There must be appropriate grounds for a traffic stop, and law enforcement cannot violate your rights while talking to you or administering sobriety tests. If you think there was a problem with your arrest or the traffic stop, you may be able to fight the case against you.

Is forming a limited liability company a good idea for you?

When you're trying to figure out the best plan for your business, someone is bound to suggest that you form a limited liability company. Is that really the best idea?

Like most things in the law, the answer is, "It depends."

State Farm refuses to defend gym owner in abuse case

Business owners need to take note: Insurance companies can and will refuse to defend and indemnify clients who deliberately fail to protect their clients or participate in illegal activities.

That's what's currently happening to a gym owner who is caught up in the sexual-assault scandal involving Olympic gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar. The physician has made extensive headlines for abusing numerous young athletes in his charge over the years. He was recently sentenced to 60 years in prison and faces additional charges that could result in over 100 years of additional time.

4 common mistakes that make estate plans less effective

You may have many reasons for choosing to create an estate plan. Among those reasons may be your family and your desire to make the process of closing your estate as simple as possible for them. Of course, if you do not correctly create a plan or make it comprehensive, your family could still face struggles.

Estate planning can have its complications. Therefore, you may want to remain aware of certain issues that could potentially cause your plan to be less effective than desired. If you avoid these issues, you may provide a plan that helps probate proceedings go more smoothly.

Tips for finding your spouse's hidden assets

How do you demand half of the marital assets if you don't know what they are?

It's a common problem. If you're lucky, your spouse will be honest and own up to whatever he or she has hidden. More often, however, you'll have to work to find proof of those assets that your spouse has tucked away somewhere in order to get your fair share.

How do you accommodate a pregnant employee?

It isn't always easy to know as an employer how you are supposed to accommodate the different needs of your employees -- particularly when they are pregnant.

Pregnancies seldom go exactly as anticipated, and they can vary -- a lot. Where one woman might sail through a pregnancy without missing a beat at work, another might struggle daily with nausea, fatigue and other complications.

Use a trust to protect your adult child in a divorce

You may love your children dearly -- but that love may not extend to all of their spouses. In fact, you may not even really trust all of those spouses to be around for the long haul.

That can present some problems when you go to put together your estate plan. How do you make sure that all of your children inherit what you want them to have, while still protecting them from the avarice of a spouse during a divorce? Is it even possible?

How do bankruptcy exemptions work?

Contrary to popular belief, bankruptcy seldom means having all your property and assets stripped away to pay your debts. For most people, that simply isn't the reality.

Even if you do have some items of significant value, there are exemptions that allow you to keep much of what you have.

Tips for making it through a DUI traffic stop

During a relaxing dinner with friends or family, you may have a couple of drinks with your meal. When you head home, you believe that you can safely drive and may not feel intoxicated. However, on your way home, you see flashing lights in your rear view mirror and begin to wonder whether you made the right decision to drive.

From the moment the officer approaches your vehicle, he or she is conducting an investigation to determine whether you are impaired. Every question asked and every request made will serve that purpose. Your actions over the next few minutes may not keep you from an arrest, but they may help in your defense.

Couple sues for right to open business that caters to swingers

Some businesses are harder to get open than others. Communities often make a concentrated effort to block businesses that they deem "disreputable" from going into "nice" neighborhoods.

Bars and tattoo parlors are frequent victims of this kind of bias. So are clubs that are designed as mixing grounds for people of "alternative" lifestyles.

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