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How can a pour-over will help protect assets?

At this point in your life, you may feel that the time has come to create your estate plan. Taking this step can provide many benefits to yourself and to your family. If you hope to use your estate plan to protect your assets, you may find yourself considering a trust-based plan. This planning tool can allow you to separate your property from your estate in order to keep it from going through probate as well as reap other possible benefits.

Though you may know some information about trusts, you may also want to consider another tool to reinforce your trust. If you forget to transfer any assets into the trust or otherwise fail to include them in your trust, those assets could end up distributed in accordance with state law. However, if you create a pour-over will, you could add even more protection to your estate plan.

The meaning of a 'good' divorce

Thirty or forty years ago, a good divorce was like a unicorn -- everyone had heard of one, but no one had actually seen it.

These days, good divorces are a lot more like zebras -- they aren't as common as horses, but they certainly aren't that hard to find or unusual.

What are the first things you should do before filing bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy, like everything else in life, is something that should be carefully planned. It's not a rash decision to file for bankruptcy. In fact, you may deserve a hearty "congratulations" for taking control of your debt. There's every possibility that you'll come out of bankruptcy better off in the long run than you ever would have been otherwise.

However, in order to make sure that you get off on the right financial footing, here are some basic tips to follow before you file for bankruptcy:

Firing an employee: Insulate your company from a lawsuit first

If you stay in business long enough, it's bound to happen: You'll have to fire an employee.

Nobody likes this part of being a boss. It's unpleasant. It has the potential to get messy. You may personally even like the employee -- but liking someone and allowing him or her to wreck your business are two different things.

Before you decide to contest a will: What should you know?

Deaths and wills have a way of really tearing families apart -- especially if there were some long-brewing disputes among members -- more than one person involved may wish to contest a will over issues both great and small.

Unfortunately, it isn't always that easy. If you're going to contest someone's will, you need the following just to start:

  • Time to engage in an often lengthy and complex court process
  • The money to afford the legal fees necessary to bring the case
  • A legally valid reason that will entitle you to contest the case
  • Evidence that supports the legally valid reason allowing you to sue

The Christmas holidays and the bankruptcy woes: What to know

If you're already struggling financially, there's probably no greater danger of putting yourself over the top and complicating your life unnecessarily than Christmas shopping.

American consumers put an average of $1,003 on their credit cards in 2016, which was just slightly more than the damage they did in 2015. The odds are good that 2017 won't be much different.

Mother jailed for breaking agreement to vaccinate son

A Michigan mother is behind bars for a week for defying a court order to get her son vaccinated.

Naturally, the case has captured the attention of anti-vaccination groups both in the state and around the country, all of whom feel that the judge shouldn't be allowed to override the mother's choice.

What you need to know about Michigan's complex DUI laws

If you are facing charges of drunk driving in Michigan, you may not be sure what to expect or what penalties could eventually affect your life. The penalty system for drugged and drunk driving is complex, and it is helpful to know what you are up against in order to better fight the charges against you.

Drunk driving is a serious crime, and with it comes various consequences that could be a threat to your personal freedom and your financial interests. It is smart to take an OWI charge seriously, even for a first offense, and seek the legal help necessary to properly confront the case against you.

Plan holiday custody changes well in advance for best results

Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas -- the perfect trifecta of holidays to create a lot of parental stress among parents who are already feeling the stress of separation or divorce.

What happens when one of the two parents needs to make a slight change in the custody schedule in order to accommodate Grandma's trip in from Florida or Aunt Nancy's annual holiday party for all the nieces and nephews?

After firing an employee: Handle the news with care

Sooner or later, if you're in business long enough, you'll probably have to fire an employee. It's never a pleasant experience -- but it's somehow worse when you work for a small firm and everybody knows everybody else.

There are bound to be questions. You have to handle them in a way that protects your company from legal liability without making the remaining employees feel like their jobs or careers are uncertain.

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