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Can you challenge a trustee simply because you can't get along?

When someone sets up a trust for his or her beneficiaries, they expect the trustee to look after those beneficiaries' interests. Usually, things go pretty much as planned.

Until they don't.

Is it time to file bankruptcy?

You have debts -- but so does everybody else you know, right? Maybe some have gone to collection, but is that really a big deal?

If these thoughts sound familiar to you, you've probably convinced yourself that it's normal to have debt collectors constantly hounding you to pay. But, how do you know when you can still dig yourself out of debt with a little more time and effort and when it's time to file bankruptcy?

Judge rules that commitment ceremony and marriage aren't the same

What's the difference between a valid marriage and a purely religious prayer ceremony that sanctifies a couple's relationship before God?

For one Michigan woman, it's $10,000 a month in alimony for several more years. The woman and her husband divorced after 29 years of marriage. Her spouse, who had significant income, was ordered to pay $10,000 a month in spousal support for the next 10 years unless his ex-wife remarried.

Michigan business accused of misleading mailings

Misleading mailings? What exactly is that, and how could it be a big legal problem for a business?

One Michigan company, ANS, Inc., which also uses the name "Workplace Compliance Services," has become the target of complaints by businesses, several attorney generals in separate states and the Better Business Bureau for its mailings. At least 140 business owners have filed complaints about the issue.

Miguel Cabrera fights 'good fortune' child support ruling

One of the Detroit Tigers' most valuable players, Miguel Cabrera, is contesting the amount of child support a Florida judge has ordered him to pay for the two young children he fathered with his mistress.

In his ruling, the judge noted that Cabrera makes $30 million per year, which provides the three children he has with his wife a lavish lifestyle. Based on those facts, the judge said that this is a case where the father's "good fortune" should be shared with all his children.

Do you owe your spouse a warning that you're unhappy?

If you've been terribly unhappy in your marriage for some time now, how much of an obligation do you have to warn your spouse about your feelings? Could your spouse really not be conscious of the fact that you've already got one foot out the door?


Filing bankruptcy? Keep track of how you spend your tax refund

If you have a feeling (or already know) that you may need to file bankruptcy, it's important to pay attention to how you spend your tax return this year before you file.

According to recent polls, the average tax return this year was $3,068 -- although what people receive varies widely based on their personal circumstances. (There are even huge gaps between generations, with baby boomers receiving an average of $5,403 in their tax returns and Millennials only receiving $2,565 on average.)

Custody transitions and autistic children

Autistic children thrive on routines and need a lot of extra coaching to get through changes. That can make divorce -- along with the frequent transitions from one parent's home to the other's for visitation -- particularly rough on them.

It doesn't make things easy on the parents, either.

Want a successful business? Make a great business plan

You don't want to start a business without a business plan. In fact, you probably won't get very far when it comes to getting a bank loan or investors at all unless you know how to craft a solid plan.

Here are some tips you can use to get your business started:

How can we split our marital assets fairly?

Divorce brings many changes, not the least of which is determining how the marital property will be divided. Other than child custody matters, there is likely not another aspect of divorce that is quite as contentious.

Below are some suggestions for splitting the marital assets in a divorce.

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