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Michigan lawmakers consider repealing licensure requirements

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2013 | Business Litigation |

More than two dozen bills currently before the Michigan legislature may be of interest to business owners throughout the state. The bills, which are generally aimed at doing away with occupational licensing requirements for particular kinds of businesses, are being considered by the Senate Regulatory Reform Committee and the House Regulatory Reform Committee.

Specifically, there is a push to eliminate 9 state licensure boards and 18 occupational licenses. Lawmakers in support of the reform say the licenses in question restrict competition and place an undue burden on business owners.

In many industries, licensing and regulation are important for protecting public health, but the sponsors of the changes say that not all of Michigan’s licensure requirements are necessary.

For example, lawmakers are considering a bill that would do away with a registration requirement for interior designers. A House bill and a Senate bill address the issue.

There is also a push to end a registration requirement for auctioneers and dissolve the state’s Board of Auctioneers. Two other pieces of legislation are aimed at ending a state registration requirement for community planners.

Nutritionists and dieticians could also see their licensure requirements repealed. Legislators in the House are considering such a measure.

Another bill would establish a general rule that would limit occupational regulations to types of business that could have a possible negative effect on public health and safety.

Michigan residents with licensure and registration concerns will want to keep an eye on these proposals as they move forward. Business owners with questions about current business and commercial law may find our main site helpful.

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