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JCI plans to sell factories in Holland area

The sale or purchase of a business requires careful negotiations and planning. The transaction does not have to end or even reduce operations, but sometimes a restructuring based on financial analysis is necessary. In these cases, it is important that the parties to the transaction have legal support to analyze financial statements and prepare business agreements. Employment agreements are also a factor, and legal guidance can help defend against disputes in the event that changing the business structure impacts employees.

Cape-making company Superfly Kids takes off in Michigan

Every once in a while, a business opportunity arrives unexpectedly, and you have to seize upon it. That was the case for a woman in Livonia whose cape-making business started when her 3-year-old son decided he wanted to have a superhero party. But rather than dress up as a popular superhero like Superman or Batman, he wanted something more personalized.

Michigan manufacturer prevails in constructive discharge lawsuit

Last week we discussed a wrongful discharge lawsuit that was filed in Wayne County. In that case, a county employee claimed he was let go from his job as a photographer because of employer retaliation. A judge disagreed, however, and dismissed the lawsuit.

Internet TV startup set to expand service to Detroit

New technologies can stir up and even outdate old business models, and that is increasingly the case in the media industry. For example, Detroit-area television stations may have to adjust their approach to business now that a company out of New York is offering network TV for $8 a month through the Internet.

Judge dismisses employment lawsuit against county executive

Employers in Michigan know that for good reason it is sometimes necessary to terminate a worker's employment. Common reasons for firing an employee include failing to meet production goals, workplace misconduct and employee theft, but it may also be necessary to let an employee go because of budgetary reasons.

Detroit construction company sues former Chrysler partner

Detroit-based Walbridge Construction is seeking $118.5 million in compensation for work on a halted construction project in Indiana. The company was contracted by Getrag Transmission, a German manufacturing company, to build an 800,000-square-foot factory, but when Getrag and its former partner Chrysler went bankrupt, the project went south.

Lawsuit against ePrize investors dismissed over statute of repose

Former executives at the Internet marketing company ePrize LLC, based in Pleasant Ridge, say they weren't paid due compensation when a majority stake in the company was sold to a private equity group, Catterton Partners Corp., in 2012. The value of the sale was estimated at $100 million, and an appeal is expected after a judge in Oakland County recently dismissed a lawsuit brought by the former executives.

New business brings distilling libations back to Detroit

Last month we discussed some legal issues related to Michigan's emerging craft brewery industry. But brewing isn't the only method of spirit-making in the state. In the early 1900s, Detroit's distilleries were thriving; that is, until the Prohibition years. But even then the city had enough speakeasies to go around. Detroit's being just over the river from Canada made the city a hotspot for rum running and the enjoyment of libations.

Auto dealers under scrutiny over alleged discriminatory practices

For auto dealerships, there is something called the dealer reserve, which is a percentage a lender will let a dealership add to a loan's interest rate. The dealer reserve, typically at or below two percentage points, is compensation the dealership receives for setting up the loan.

Detroit e-commerce company tops list of best companies to work for

A major part of starting and maintaining a successful business is effectively structuring the workplace to get the most out of employees' talents. This involves anything from employment agreements to the physical design of the work environment.

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