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Detroit entrepreneur introduced at State of the Union

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2014 | Business Formation & Planning |

People watching President Obama’s recent State of the Union address saw not one, but two Detroit business leaders singled out – both of them female. Aside from General Motors’ new chief executive officer, Mary Barra, the president introduced the worldwide audience to the founder of Detroit Manufacturing Systems.

As President Obama explained, the owner of Detroit Manufacturing Systems, who started Rush Trucking in Wayne some 30 years ago, decided to start a new company a couple of years ago to help supply truck parts to Ford. The only thing she was missing was a workforce. She went to an American Job Center to find workers who were seeking job training to better their employment prospects.

The president used Detroit Manufacturing to address the importance of business owners working with community colleges around the country to provide apprenticeships and job training to match people who need work with businesses that need skilled workers. He noted that Vice President Joe Biden has been tasked with working on these job-training programs.

The entrepreneur behind Detroit Manufacturing is the CEO and founder of the Rush Group, which is “one of the largest Native-American owned companies in the country.” She is a member of the Mohawk tribe.

As executives expand and diversify their businesses in Detroit and throughout Michigan, they need experienced legal teams that can help them with new partnerships and ventures. These legal professionals can help ensure that their clients are in compliance with all local and state laws and regulations and help avoid costly litigation as they expand their companies and improve the vitality of the local economy.

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