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Considering LLCs and related tax interests for new businesses

Before establishing a business in Michigan, it may be helpful to take time to evaluate the various business formations that are possible. A sole proprietorship may be one of the simplest choices, but there may be an interest in business planning that will shield personal assets and finances. A limited liability company may provide a better option in this case, although many creditors still require personal guarantees of business debt.

Shareholder class action lawsuits curtailed by Supreme Court

Nothing strikes fear in the hearts of corporate management, both in Michigan and nationwide, like a shareholder class action. On June 23, the Supreme Court has handed down a ruling that imposes new requirements on class-action fraud lawsuits by shareholders. The decision was closely watched and was not quite the sweeping decision that some advocates had been seeking because it only curbs the suits without eliminating them altogether.

Deceptive labeling case involves juice product

Michigan residents who purchase pomegranate juice products may be interested in a Supreme Court decision related to false advertising claims by Pom Wonderful. The Court ruled unanimously in favor of allowing the company to proceed with legal action against the Minute Maid unit of Coke. Pom claims that the labeling on Coke's Pomegranate Blueberry beverage misleads consumers because apple and grape juices account for 99 percent of the product's content. Pomegranate juice content in the product is .3 percent, and blueberry content is .2 percent. Raspberry accounts for .1 percent of the product. Pom's suit highlights the fact that labeling for the product uses larger type to note the pomegranate and blueberry aspects of the juice and that imagery uses a large, prominent picture of a pomegranate.

Business incentives in Detroit

Those who are unemployed in Detroit or those who are interested in finding something that pays more money might find the new Innovation District helpful. This is a plan to create more jobs while encouraging small businesses to hire more people at the same time. Its implementation will be headed by the chief executive officer of the Henry Ford Medical System.

Landmark Michigan restaurant up for sale

A restaurant that was once named the best in its region was put on the market on May 28. The eatery was known as the Sandpiper at the time, but it was refurbished in 1997 and renamed The Piper. The change was adopted to reflect a more casual dining experience. The sale of the business is motivated by the decision of the owners to retire.

Verizon and Netflix spat heating up

Many Michigan residents connect to the Internet using the Verizon FiOS network and enjoy movies and television shows from the online streaming service Netflix. However a dispute between the two companies may put such an arrangement in jeopardy, and a June 5 cease and desist letter sent by Verizon to Netflix on June 5 could be a sign of imminent business litigation.

Autoliv settles class action suits

Michigan readers may be interested in the antitrust lawsuit settlements between Autoliv, Inc. and three classes of customers. According to reports, Autoliv is the world's largest supplier of automotive safety equipment, and the company manufactures and develops safety systems for the world's largest car manufacturers. It employs more than 56,000 people in 80 facilities throughout the world, and the company's 21 test tracks at ten tech centers in nine countries are the most of any automobile safety business.

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