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July 2014 Archives

Zillow may acquire Trulia in 2015

Investors and consumers in Michigan may be interested to learn more about the proposed acquisition that may have a significant impact on real estate markets in the United States. As of June 28, Seattle-based Zillow is attempting to acquire its San Francisco-based online-real-estate-listings rival, Trulia, for $3.5 billion. Both companies' boards have approved the deal and are now awaiting approval from each groups shareholders. Zillow debuted during 2004 and went public in 2011, while Trulia's IPO was during 2012.

Financial industry companies settle lawsuit for $61 million

Michigan businesses may be interested in a story concerning a dispute between two companies in the investment industry, one that helps investors and another that creates software for those investors to use. The two businesses have now settled their dispute after years of litigation.

Family businesses and buy-sell agreements

Michigan families dealing with business disputes may want to review the idea of developing a buy-sell agreement. Family-run businesses can experience unique challenges when there are disputes over decisions or when relationships sour. While problems are normal in a business, the responses in a family scenario can be emotional rather than rational. In fact, many family businesses face dissoultion or liquidation due to conflicts.

Planning strategies help ensure a successful company sale

Many Michigan business owners know that the ever-shifting economy -- currently on the upswing, it seems -- and high cash reserves are driving business mergers and acquisitions. Buyers and sellers have different views of a buyout, but certain actions may make the sale easier and more profitable for all involved, according to a recent piece on the subject.

Some ways that a business can improve its tax picture

Many Michigan residents have experience in dealing with taxes related to their small businesses. When running a business, any change in overall revenue often necessitates a review of related tax obligations. Failing to do so in a timely manner could set someone up for an unpleasant surprise when tax season comes around. However, there are some ways of planning ahead and perhaps even limiting the liability to a certain extent.

Mistakes that can reduce the value of a business

Small business owners in Michigan should be aware of several mistakes that can hurt the value of their business when they wish to sell it or it becomes part of a buyout. Experts say that poor seller planning is one of the top reasons that deals fail to be completed. There are several ways, however, to keep a business from falling into this trap.

Abstract morality concepts and contract law

Michigan business owners may want to take note of a case in Delaware involved a limited partnership agreement. The Delaware Court of Chancery was involved in the case and addressed important business planning concerns as noted in the contract language between the parties. Concepts such as good faith and fair dealing were weighed in light of contract language rather than as abstract moral issues.

When a company should consider trademarking its name

When should a company trademark its name? That is a question that many new business owners in Michigan grapple with as they start to create a comprehensive plan to enter into commerce. A good answer to that question is to do so as soon as possible, and there are some reasons why a company should trademark its name sooner rather than later.

Judge dismisses lawsuit against HP after second try

Michigan businesses may be interested in the story of one technology company's victory in court over a shareholder dispute. The shareholders' case was dismissed, even after the judge allowed them a second attempt at the lawsuit.

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