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Statutes of limitations affect dispute claims

Like all states, Michigan has strict rules regarding when a lawsuit for a breach of contract claim must be filed. If this time frame passes without a formal complaint being filed, the petitioning party may forever be barred from bringing the claim.

Dish Network loses 7 channels after contract dispute

Michigan television viewers who subscribe to Dish Network may have noticed some missing television channels on Oct. 20. A contract dispute between Dish Network and Turner Broadcasting resulted in Dish customers losing seven channels from the Dish lineup including CNN, Cartoon Network, Headline News, truTV and Turner Classic Movies. There are currently about 14 million subscribers to Dish Network.

What is a reverse merger?

Michigan residents may often hear about business acquisitions that ultimately allow a company to consolidate its market share or expand its range of product offerings. A less common though equally interesting event that takes place in the business world is a reverse merger.

Different types of business structure

The legal structure of any business enterprise founded or incorporated in Michigan may be an important factor. The structure should be carefully chosen at the inception of the venture and should take the future needs and plans of the business in mind. This decision may affect nearly every aspect of the business, from how much paperwork needs to be done to what kinds of taxes have to be paid. Different structures also offer different rules for business liabilities.

What is the best way to fire an employee to avoid a lawsuit?

Firing an employee is never easy, but it is something that nearly all employers must deal with at one time or another. The last thing an employer wants is to be faced with the possibility of a lawsuit for violation of Michigan or federal law following an already-difficult termination. Things to keep in mind include the terms of the employment contract, if applicable, the reasons for termination and documentation of the decision-making process.

Battle between Amazon and Hachette heats up

In March, Hachette Book Group's contract expired with the $122 billion retailer, Amazon. Amazon's position was that it wanted to extend the contract but on different terms. Included in those terms was one that required the $10 billion publisher to price its e-books lower. Amazon's aim is to have most e-books, popular with readers in Michigan and around the country, priced at $9.99. Hachette did not agree, so it simply failed to respond to the contract's proposed negotiation and extension.

The process of naming a company

Part of creating a successful business is creating a successful name for that business. While the name should not be too specific, it should instantly tell customers what the company does. Experts say that the name should use real words when at all possible. However, a made up word is fine if it can communicate the brand message that the business wishes to portray to its intended target.

Reasons to create a limited liability company in Michigan

Those who operate a business with exposure to liability may wish to consider the LLC structure. Sole proprietors or companies with many owners can utilize this type of business structure. One of the main benefits of such a business structure is the limited liability from lawsuits that it provides to its owners. Another reason to form a limited liability company is that it can be taxed in different ways.

An examination of deceptive trade practices

Michigan business owners may have heard the term "deceptive trade practices" and wondered what the term means or how it could apply to them. A deceptive trade practice is any activity that is designed to mislead the public about a product or service. Deceptive trade practice laws apply both to individuals and businesses. Either the injured party or the attorney general may bring a lawsuit to stop unfair or deceptive trade practices. In some cases, a company that engages in unfair or deceptive practices could be criminally prosecuted, facing jail and fines.

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