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Sale of business doesn't always mean the end for original owners

Most business owners in Michigan start out with small operations. Some choose to stay that way, while others work hard and grow their products to become nationally known brands. Massive growth is something the creators and original owners of the Flatout bread company have succeeded in doing. However, in order to help their business grow, the owners made a sale of business.

Whistleblowers entitled to certain legal protections

Employees, in Michigan and elsewhere, are often considered the life-blood of a business. Without the hard work offered by those at every level, a company may fail to thrive. Those who are at the front lines will be some of the first to notice when things are not up to par with company standards. Those who choose to speak out against any such issues, generally defined as whistleblowers, should be able to do so without fear of retaliation.

Have written and implied contracts that protect your company

Company employment contracts come in many forms. The two most commonly used, though, are those that are written and those that are implied. Michigan business owners can help protect themselves and their company by having contracts that legally protect the best interests of their business.

Naming a successor a hard but important part of business planning

There are many considerations that must go into owning and operating a business. Business planning is essential for the future success of companies in Michigan and elsewhere. What some business owners may neglect to consider, however, is succession planning.

Actions that might be considered retaliatory

Many Michigan workers feel as though they have been treated unfairly by their bosses. In some cases, these individuals wish to take legal action against their employers. Whether this should be done, however, depends on many factors. Litigation is far from simple, so when faced with lawsuits, employers should keep the following guidelines in consideration.

Incorporating a business in Michigan

One of the first things that a business owner or owners will need to do if they decide to form their new business as a corporation is to select a name for the organization and file the requisite articles of incorporation. Selecting a name is a fairly simple process, although there are a few guidelines. The name must not be the same as any other business entity in the state, and it must not violate trademarks. Additionally, states require that the business name indicate it is a corporation, and will usually require some variation or abbreviation of that status in the name itself.

Categorization of workers as employees or contractors

As Michigan residents may know, there may be a number of differences between being an employee and being a contractor for a company. Contract workers may be easier to terminate, receive no benefits and might have to work during holidays. Whether an individual should be classified as an employee or contractor can be an important question for many employers.

Construction law disputes in Michigan

Whether you are a property owner or a commercial contractor, a construction dispute may lead to significant financial losses for you. Homeowners and commercial property owners who only later discover a construction or design defect may be left facing thousands of dollars in damages, especially if the defect led to leaks, water damage, mold growth or foundation issues. For contractors, a construction dispute may mean a loss of expected income from a job for which a contract is in place.

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