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Think about background checks before signing employment contracts

The desire to protects one's business is something all company owners in Michigan and across the country have. Background checks are used by many business owners before employment contracts are signed to ensure that those who apply for the jobs they are offering meet company standards. While taking this step may be a given for owners of larger businesses, for owners of smaller businesses, background checks may be an afterthought.

Planning necessary for successful business dissolution

Whether by choice or necessity, closing a business, whether in Michigan or elsewhere, is something many owners face. The dissolution of a business may be something for which a plan exists -- if an owner has no intention of keeping his or her company open after his or her retirement or death, -- or it may be something for which no plan is in place. Regardless of when or why an owner decides to close up shop, a lot of preparation and planning goes into closing a business successfully and with the proper legal protections in place.

Non-compete agreements, good or bad for business?

Business owners often rely on employee contracts in order to protect their business. There is nothing wrong with this practice. These contracts set certain obligations employers are to keep to their employees and vice versa. One type of contract often used, though, is being questioned by some as to whether or not it is good or bad for businesses and employees in Michigan and elsewhere. The contracts in question are known as non-compete agreements.

Did employer have just cause to fire worker after medical leave?

Employees in Michigan and across the country lose their jobs every day. While, yes, there are perfectly valid reasons to fire an employee, some terminations result in staff members asking if their bosses had just cause in concluding their working relationships. Those who feel they were wrongfully terminated can pursue legal remedies in an effort to seek damages for any losses suffered as a result.

Business planning is essential but also consider a business model

Future business owners in Michigan know that business planning plays an essential role in opening and operating a successful company. Something not always considered, however, is creating a working model of the product or service in order to test consumer demand. Business planning and business models: How are they different?

Michigan business litigation: Nonpayment claims

While there are many positives to owning a business, there are negatives as well. Having to take a customer to court for nonpayment, for example, is one of the downsides. The need for business litigation services is common for company owners in Michigan and across the country, and sometimes utilizing these legal services is simply the easiest way to resolve a dispute with a client.

Strict approval process for naming limited liability companies

A significant amount of time and planning goes into opening a business. While working to put plans into action, there are certain things potential business owners need to do, including acquiring any permits required by the state and applying for a company name. In Michigan, and other states, those businesses that are considered limited liability companies have to go through an approval process before their company name is officially permitted for use.

Is refusing workplace accomodations for pregnancy discrimination?

There are millions of working mothers in the United States, many of whom live in Michigan. Some pregnancies can make it harder for female employees to perform their work obligations at the same level as before becoming pregnant -- though any limitations experienced are typically temporary. Unfortunately, there are those who believe they have lost their jobs because of the medical restrictions physicians impose during their pregnancies, and because of employers refusing to make accommodations for those restrictions. As this impacts so many, numerous women will want to know if an employer refusing workplace  accommodations for pregnancy is a form of discrimination?

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