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Michigan employment contracts: what is at-will status?

Some businesses, in Michigan and across the country, choose to hire employees under at-will conditions. Terms of employment, including stipulations such as this, may be spelled out specifically in employment contracts, or included in employee handbooks. What exactly is an at-will employee, and is hiring under this condition good for business?

Is it or isn't it sexual harassment?

There are many forms of harassment that may occur in the workplace, all of which should be taken seriously by employers and employees. It is unfortunate that numerous people feel there is little they can do beyond reporting such behavior to superiors. The truth is, anyone who is or has been continually harassed at work can take legal action against employers if, after reporting such incidents, steps are not taken to end the inappropriate behaviors. Harassment of a sexual nature can range from, what some would consider, relatively minor incidents to more extreme actions. The focus of this week's post will be to discuss how sexual harassment is defined, and what an employee, whether in Michigan or elsewhere, can do if he or she has been subjected to such conduct.

Michigan business litigation: protecting consumer privacy

Businesses in Michigan and elsewhere, whether big or small, are targets for hackers. Why? The answer is simple really; hackers who access company data can gain entry into accounts and files that contain the personal information of multiple consumers, all at once. Should this happen, consumers may choose to file legal claims in an effort to recoup any damages sustained as a result. Business litigation of this kind can certainly be difficult, but that does not mean a company owner should not consider all available options before deciding how to proceed.

Limited liability companies: Benefits of this business structure

Deciding what business structure to use when building a company may not always be an easy choice. Business owners in Michigan will find that different structures have different benefits and disadvantages. Those who may have relatively small operations may like the benefits offered to limited liability companies.

Michigan sale of business: making a successful exit

Building successful businesses from the ground up gives owners senses of pride and accomplishment -- and for good reason. However, there comes a time in every business owner's life when he or she will have to decide what to do with his or her company upon retirement. For some owners in Michigan and elsewhere, the sale of business may be the answer.

Michigan business litigation: dealing with partnership disputes

Whether taking on a partner or starting out with a partner, disputes among business co-owners is often inevitable. Extensive planning can help business owners in Michigan avoid some issues, but, unfortunately, there are some things that cannot be foreseen. If partnership disputes arise and attempts to resolve issues fail, sometimes seeking the assistance of a business litigation attorney may become necessary.

Age discrimination and the inability to gain employment

As the technology field continues to grow, it would be reasonable to think that those with years of experience in this type of business would be able to gain employment. Some older job applicants in Michigan and across the country do believe, however, they are being passed over for those younger than them. The inability for numerous older, yet highly skilled, workers to obtain jobs with tech companies may have these applicants wondering if they are the victims of age discrimination. At least, that is what one individual believes after he was denied a job at Google.

Michigan business: Incorporation, how to get started

For business owners in Michigan, the decision regarding whether or not to incorporate their companies can be a tough one to make. As is true for just about anything, there are ups and downs to incorporation. For those who feel the good aspects of taking this step outweigh the bad, here is a brief overview of how to get started.

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