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Michigan employment litigation claims -- to fight or not to fight

Business owners in Michigan and elsewhere may, at some point, have employees or former employees who choose to take legal actions against their companies. This happens for a number of reasons, a few examples being accusations of discrimination, sexual harassment and contract disputes. When employment litigation claims are brought against a company, the business owner has a choice to make: to fight or not to fight the claims.

Business planning can make the stress of ownership manageable

It is pretty safe to say that no one has ever remarked that starting a business was the easiest thing they have ever done. Owning and operating a company takes work, and it is more than likely that mistakes will be made along the way and that unplanned surprises will arise. Business planning can help a company owner in Michigan or elsewhere better handle the stresses of ownership.

What should I know before entering a business partnership?

Choosing to open a business with a friend, family member or mutually interested investor is a big step that should not be taken without serious thought and consideration. There are both pros and cons to entering a business partnership. Before signing contracts that can be challenging and expensive to get out of, future business owners, whether in Michigan or elsewhere, need to investigate how any proposed partnerships will actually affect them in the future in order to make informed decisions.

Not addressing warranty issues may lead to business litigation

A successful business owner, whether in Michigan or elsewhere, knows that he or she needs to stand behind his or her products and services in order to build a strong reputation and to grow his or her customer base. Many may choose to do this by offering and honoring both written and implied warranties. However, warranty claims that are not addressed to a customer's satisfaction may result in a business litigation claim.

Discrimination during hiring can land employers in hot water

Workplace discrimination, in all forms, occurs far more than most would think in this day in age. Discrimination, whenever it occurs, is more than just unfortunate -- it is wrong. This is certainly an issue that could land Michigan business owners in pretty hot water if appropriate actions are not taken.

Michigan sale of business: Salsa company sold to Campbell

The popular Michigan-based salsa company, Garden Fresh, was recently acquired by Campbell in a multi-million dollar business deal. According to the current vice president of Garden Fresh, this sale of business will allow the company to put product on store shelves across the country, rather than just focusing on the Mid-West region. Making a decision like this is not always easy, but in this case, the desire to compete with bigger companies and to expand product reach made this sale a necessity.

Michigan business planning: Successful home-based businesses

Whether residing in Michigan or elsewhere, the idea of working from home is appealing to a lot of people. Who wouldn't want to cut out commute times and set their own working hours? If this was an opportunity given by employers, it is reasonable to believe that quite a few employees would jump on board. Starting a home-based company requires more than just the desire to be one's own boss. Having a solid product and taking time for proper business planning is also needed.

What type of contracts might be utilized by business owners?

Experienced business owners know that having the right contracts can significantly help their companies. For the owners of start up businesses, however, the utilization of contracts may seem somewhat overwhelming. There simply are numerous types of contracts available, so it may be difficult for business owners in Michigan and elsewhere to know which are really necessary.

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