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Michigan employment litigation claims — to fight or not to fight

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2015 | Uncategorized |

Business owners in Michigan and elsewhere may, at some point, have employees or former employees who choose to take legal actions against their companies. This happens for a number of reasons, a few examples being accusations of discrimination, sexual harassment and contract disputes. When employment litigation claims are brought against a company, the business owner has a choice to make: to fight or not to fight the claims.

Employment litigation can be a lengthy and costly experience. That should not, however, deter employers from defending themselves against any legal claims. Every situation is different, and the facts of every individual case will have to be carefully considered before deciding to fight any claims in court.

Those who choose not to fight legal claims in a court setting may look to alternative resolution methods. These typically include in-house negotiations, mediation or arbitration. While any of these methods can result in successful settlements, a business owner would be wise to have legal representation present to ensure that any final agreements are in the company’s best interest.

It is possible for business owners in Michigan to fight and win employment litigation claims in court. Again, the allegations, specific circumstances and evidence — if any — against the company can help in making the decision to proceed to litigation. Regardless of how a company owner decides to handle legal complaints made by current or past employees — through litigation or an alternative dispute resolution method, — having experienced representation can certainly help resolve the matter quickly and, hopefully, without causing any further damages to the business.

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