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What type of contracts might be utilized by business owners?

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2015 | Contract Disputes |

Experienced business owners know that having the right contracts can significantly help their companies. For the owners of start up businesses, however, the utilization of contracts may seem somewhat overwhelming. There simply are numerous types of contracts available, so it may be difficult for business owners in Michigan and elsewhere to know which are really necessary.

Not all contracts are needed by all companies; however, there are some that business owners may want to consider, regardless of the purposes of their companies. For example, having an online presence can significantly help a business’ bottom-line. It is reasonable to believe, though, that not all owners are experienced website builders. Hiring a web designer can ensure that a company’s  Internet site is easy to use and appeals to consumers. A web design contract can be used to set specific terms regarding due dates, compensation rates and a variety of other fees and conditions between a company and designer.

Along the same lines, another commonly used contract type that both big or small businesses may find helpful is a social media consultant agreement. Social media postings can have a significant impact on how people may view a company. There have been numerous news stories about company owners or employees posting controversial statements that, ultimately, caused consumers, clients and/or vendors to stop patronizing or working with said companies. A social media consultant can help a business owner put out the right information for positive exposure. A consultant agreement, again, can set rates and overall expectations.

Finally, last but not least are employment contracts. Employers have the right to ask certain things of their employees. Expectations, compensation, confidentiality provisions and, simply, the overall terms of employment are laid out in these contracts. If drafted properly, these documents can provide protections for business owners and their employees.

Michigan business owners, whether their companies are big or small, only help themselves by taking appropriate actions to safeguard their businesses. Contracts are used for that purpose. Legal assistance is available to help with determining what type of contracts a company may need and with drafting agreements that provide the appropriate protections.

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