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Michigan business: The art of writing contracts

Anyone in Michigan or elsewhere who has gone into business for him or herself knows that there is a certain art to making it all work. Rarely do things just fall into place. Serious thought, consideration and discipline is required, the absence of which can lead to significant consequences. This is particularly true when writing business contracts.

Don't let business litigation destroy your company's bottom line

Representatives for Goldman Sachs, a major banking corporation, recently reported that litigation costs have significantly cut into its earnings this year. The company has faced severe scrutiny over mortgage-related legal matters. Despite setting so much aside to handle the business litigation, it is not uncommon for such issues to sting, even a little bit. While Goldman Sachs is known on a global front, there are lessons that can help business owners in Michigan protect their companies if faced with legal complaints.

Michigan sale of business: transferring to relatives

Part of business planning involves deciding what one will do with the company when he or she is ready to retire or what will be done with the company upon his or her death. Many family business owners in Michigan are likely to choose keeping their companies within the family, which is understandable. The real question then is should the transfer to relatives come through a sale of business or by giving the business as a gift?

Michigan business planning at its finest

Whether a person is choosing to start a company or just wishing to be better prepared for the future, a current or potential business owner will have a lot of decisions to make, all of which could have a dramatic impact on his or her company's success. Business planning plays a vital role in achieving one's desired goals for his or her company. However, not all business owners in Michigan or elsewhere may know exactly what should be included in such plans.

Legal remedies may be pursued for wrongful discharge

When a person is fired from his or her job, it can leave them with a lot of questions. It is not unrealistic for someone to wonder if he or she has been the victim of a wrongful discharge situation. Employees in Michigan or elsewhere who believe they have experienced this may pursue legal remedies to resolve the issue and seek compensation for any legally recoverable damages.

Entity formation important part of business planning process

One of the toughest parts of getting a business off the ground is figuring out how to generate interest and draw customers. One of the most effective tools for increasing one's customer reach during the business planning process is the Internet. Ecommerce offers many benefits for aspiring business owners in Michigan.

Top Rank sues in business litigation lawsuit

Every industry has its own set of rules and regulations. These laws will vary from sector to sector in order to promote fair competition while also encouraging innovation in Michigan. This is what makes a free market work for everybody. However, if a company is not careful in ensuring compliance with these regulations it can find itself in the middle of a business litigation lawsuit.

Many legal issues involved in business planning

There are a variety of businesses in Michigan, including sole proprietors, partnerships and corporations. When business planning efforts are undertaken, there are often myriad legal issues that those involved must face. It is typically beneficial to seek legal guidance in such circumstances.

Business litigation case involves 2 restaurants

One restaurant group in a state neighboring Michigan recently claimed to be a victim of trademark infringement. The claim revolves around another eatery's alleged use of its trademark name for one of its menu items -- a burger. The restaurant group in this business litigation case has thus filed a lawsuit against the other restaurant.

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