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The unexpected dissolution of Kandu Industries

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2015 | Uncategorized |

An organization that has been a community staple in western Michigan for the last 62 years has decided to close it doors. The unexpected dissolution of Kandu Industries will likely be considered a great loss to all those whom the organization is currently serving. Unfortunately, cutbacks in the community mental health department has made a significant impact on the viability of the business.

Kandu Industries offered training and employment services to those with mental and developmental disabilities. The company was opened by parents of children with disabilities in 1953. Since its conception, numerous individuals have received services that were once nonexistent. By joining forces with the community health department, the funds granted allowed Kandu to expand the company’s footprint and serve more people.

Sadly, a reduction in funds and changes in Medicaid policies have had a drastic impact on the business. As a result, well over 200 clients will be forced to find similar services elsewhere, and 75 staff members will lose their jobs. Kandu is expected to have operations completely shut down in one of its three locations by the end of August. The closure of the its other facilities is also in the works.

Deciding whether or not to close one’s company, especially one that has had such a positive impact on the community, can be a difficult. Unfortunately, when finances simply do not allow for a company to remain open and selling the business does not makes sense, dissolution is the best option. Michigan business owners who find themselves in these types of positions can seek help from experienced attorneys in order to help address any legal concerns and ensure smooth closings.

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