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A tangled web

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2015 | Criminal Defense |

Criminal cases come in every size and variety. Many people believe that they never, ever, ever, could be ensnared in any activity that would warrant criminal charges. This is especially true of individuals who hold decent jobs that pay well and enable them to fully maintain a middle-class lifestyle. They would never need a criminal defense attorney.

They might even be elected to the Michigan legislature. But then they have an affair. But affairs for politicians are always risky, and so they endeavor to hide or cover up the affair. Being legislators, they may do things, however, that could expose them to criminal charges should anyone ever find out.

We do not know if the two Michigan House members, one who resigned and the other who was expelled, engaged any criminal wrongdoing during the events that led to their downfall, but the state police and attorney general’s office are investigating the matter.

Affairs are always messy, and those involved may have had their judgment clouded more than most, but anyone in public office or working for the government is often subject to stricter regulation in many activities. They are obligated to uphold the public’s trust. Especially with matters related to the use of money or public resources, seemingly minor actions can have serious consequences.

Prosecutors are often restrained by lack of probable cause and resources, but the danger to anyone who is caught up in a scandal like this one is that of “Pandora’s box” being opened. Investigators start to look at every detail of a person’s activities and minor infractions can be found and become serious. One of the ex-lawmakers is an attorney, and events such as these can lead to career ending revocations of professional licenses.

In situations like this, you probably need a defense attorney.

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