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Good news and bad news on Michigan divorces

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2015 | Divorce |


Divorce in Michigan has changed in the last hundred or so years. Over the years, the rate has increased and decreased. What most people don’t recognize is that the divorce rate has been falling for the last few decades. Equally surprising is the fact that it was in the years immediately after World War II that the state saw its highest divorce rate and the greatest number of divorces.

Who would have thought that “the greatest generation” also had the highest divorce numbers? It makes sense, as the strain of returning from war to civilian life and the recognition that some decisions made in the heat of the moment during the war may not have been very wise probably influenced that spike. Additionally, after that war, there probably were many cases of untreated PTSD that led to the breakup of some marriages.


While many might consider that the falling divorce rate represents a good thing, in reality, it probably is due to the lower marriage rate more than any sudden reverence for marriage. The statistics suggest that periods with high divorces may have occurred due to pent up demand, such as during the 1970s, when many marriages ended, due to the social stigma of divorce diminishing.

The marriage rate is an abstract number. And much like the unemployment rate, what matters most is whether you have a job. Similarly, whether you need a divorce is very personal and very specific. Only you can answer that question and what the rest of the population of the state of Michigan is doing has little influence to that question.

If you have examined your marriage and your relationship with your spouse, you probably already know if it’s over. A difficult or dysfunctional marriage likely benefits no one, and if your relationship with your spouse is in trouble, you may find it helpful to discuss your situation with a legal professional and make find out your options. Whether divorce is the right option, the information you receive can empower you to make an informed decision., “Michigan divorces at lowest number since 1969, and 8 other divorce stats,” Julie Mack, November 16, 2015


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