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Are your employees properly classified?

Anyone who has operated a business here in Michigan knows that business litigation is never a good result. It means somewhere, somehow, something broke down. Payments were not received, products or services were not provided or some other problem occurred that has left the courtroom as the final step to resolve the dispute.

Sentencing reform must involve the big picture

Crime is often viewed as young man's game. As people age, they become less likely to engage in criminal activities. Punishment of young offenders has become increasingly draconian, as the option to try and sentence juveniles as adults allowed more youth to face potentially lifetime adult sentences.

How do you choose?

Many businesses in Michigan operate as a sole proprietorship. This makes sense for many small or part-time businesses. You may have limited capital and you may be the owner-boss-employee all wrapped in one. The danger, even in these types of situations, is that legally you and your business are the same.

Property division in a Michigan divorce is done equitably

Divorce can be an emotional time, causing outbursts and wild statements that may have little basis in fact. One reason why you want your own divorce attorney early in the process is to ensure that you are not fooled or intimidated by blustering or threats by your spouse.

5 steps to success in small business succession planning

It's business; it isn't personal. And like so many other aspects of running a business, succession planning leaves little place for emotions. In order to plan and orchestrate a transition of leadership in your small business, it pays to start well in advance. Before you plan to retire, it won't hurt to get more than a decade's jump on these decisions and then anticipate the need to revisit them as things may change over the course of that time.

The New Year is a good time for a legal review of your business

With the start of the New Year, the business climate in Michigan is looking better than it has for many years. The auto industry may experience at another great year of performance, due to improved productivity and the industry always benefits from low gasoline prices.

The uncommon but necessary ante or postnuptial agreement

Prenuptial agreements are looked at as offensive by some. During a happy merger of two families and two people to create a new branch to both families, the prenup comes in as a contract based upon the possibility that this merger should fail. Because marriage isn't a business to those involved, emotions come into play in the financial and practical aspects of the union.

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