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Child support orders in Michigan aren't forever

Did you know that child support orders in the state of Michigan don't necessarily last forever? In fact, they might not stay the same for the duration of your child's minor years. This is because Michigan, like many other states, provides a process by which child support orders can be changed.

Volkswagen employee claims wrongful termination

When mistakes are made in business, those mistakes can sometimes lead to major concerns with the government. For instance, Volkswagen has been accused of doctoring some of its reports on emissions, which is a serious crime. If you report issues like these, you shouldn't be retaliated against. That's why whistle blower protections are in place.

What should you include in your business plan?

A business plan serves numerous purposes when you are forming and growing your business. It serves as a formal document that you can present to investors and partners, but it also provides you with the chance to really delve into your own plans. By writing a formal plan, you work out some of the internal questions you might have for the business and force yourself to consider serious issues such as the right organizational choices and whether the market will support your product.

Creating an exit strategy for your business

Creating an exit strategy for your business is important, especially if you feel you won't want to run it for long or are considering retirement. The struggle of launching a business can take its toll, but making important decisions, and making good decisions, is key to longevity.

Your responsibilities as an employer to stop harassment

Did you know that if you employ people within your business, you have certain responsibilities toward those individuals? The type of financial responsibilities you have depends on the type of business you run, how many people you have employed and the nature of your employment agreements with those individuals. However, all employers do have some type of responsibility to stop, manage and investigate harassment and discrimination.

Real estate contracts: Cancelling when you've made an agreement

If you've been trying to purchase or sell real estate, one question that may come up is if you can cancel a contract that has been made between you and another party. When you're selling a property, you want to know that the other person is honest about making the purchase, and as a buyer, you want to know that you are getting a property worth the money you're investing.

Do your employees understand what harassment is?

As a business, a sexual harassment claim can be disastrous for your finances and your brand. Even if you are victorious in the end, any press that is generated could make it difficult to hire the best employees in the future and can have an impact on how your customers and potential customers see your brand. One way to avoid some of these issues is to ensure all your staff are educated about what sexual harassment is so you don't have supervisors or others engaging in such behavior.

Parents told to stop being derisive in court battle

This case is a good example of why you should be courteous and polite in court cases, even if the other party or attorney is being accusatory or rude to you. Judges have the ability to make many decisions about your life, so you want to be looked at in a good light.

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