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Child support orders in Michigan aren’t forever

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2016 | Family Law |

Did you know that child support orders in the state of Michigan don’t necessarily last forever? In fact, they might not stay the same for the duration of your child’s minor years. This is because Michigan, like many other states, provides a process by which child support orders can be changed.

The court system in Michigan tries to provide a process by which child support can be managed in a logical fashion. Why would a support order need to be changed? One reason is that incomes don’t stay the same over the years, and if the original child support arrangements were made based on income, it makes sense to revisit those arrangements from time to time.

What happens if the person who is paying support loses his or her job? What happens if the person then has to take a job making substantially less? It might actually become difficult or even impossible for that person to live a realistic life and make continued child support payments.

Change in income situations on either side of the agreement — whether those changes are increases or decreases — could warrant a change in a child support order. Other reasons might support a request for a change, and the court considers these requests individually. Even if no reported income change is made, the court is supposed to review child support orders periodically if a request is made or the child is on public assistance of any type.

Whether you are dealing with child support orders for the first time or believe a change is warranted, having a legal professional on your side can ensure you understand all of your options. A family law professional helps ensure you don’t agree to something that could be detrimental to you or your child in the future.

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