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Seeking assistance with complex reverse mergers

Companies of any size should never enter into merger and acquisition agreements without the right legal firepower. Such transactions can be complex, and protecting the interests of the company, the customer, the shareholders and the investors is important. One type of merger that can be especially complex is the reverse merger.

How funding works with investors and your equity rate

If you're considering creating a start-up company, one of the things you'll need to get is funding. Normally, a start-up company will cost around $15,000 to launch, and then get another $200,000 in investments a few months later. After that, the goal is to get another $2 million from other funding sources six months later. That's how it should work, but that's not always how it does.

Some people might have to use an ignition interlock

Alcohol-related offenses are some very serious offenses in Michigan. For people who are considered repeat offenders, the use of an ignition interlock on their vehicles might be necessary. These laws place a hard stance on drivers who insist on driving drunk while they have a suspended license or revoked license.

The types of drug crimes you need to know

There are many kinds of drug crimes that you can be accused of today, and the line between them can be slim. It's important to know the charges you could be facing in the future, so you can decide the best way to defend yourself with the help of your attorney. Each of these crimes could be penalized differently, so the key is to argue your defense against the crimes to try to lower your charges or have them dismissed.

What is the D'Onofrio test?

The D'Onofrio test is used by courts considering custody cases where a parent with sole custody is seeking to move him- or herself out of state with the child or children. This test is used when traditional visitation schedules, such as a biweekly weekend arrangement, are in place for the noncustodial parent. When courts consider these situations, they typically look at three questions.

Former NFL player to pay over $300,000 in child support

If you owe child support, there are a few things that could happen. If you're in a position where you can't pay, you may be able to work out a deal with your ex-spouse or work with the court to determine a better payment amount. If you don't pay for other reasons, you could find that your wages are garnished or that you have a lawsuit filed against you demanding the money you owe.

Magazine publishers face lawsuits in Michigan

Time Inc., the company that publishes People, is facing a lawsuit that is the latest in a string of Michigan-based legal actions between subscribers and media companies. The lawsuits are stemming from claims that the media companies are divulging subscriber information without consent as required by state law.

Another set of eyes for your real estate contracts

Whether you are an individual buying a home -- or facing the loss of one -- or you are a commercial real estate investor looking to add another property to your portfolio, you might have to deal with real estate contracts. Real estate contracts and other agreements can become complex, and there are many details you have to make sure are included -- or not included -- to protect yourself and your investment.

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