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Another set of eyes for your real estate contracts

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2016 | Contracts |

Whether you are an individual buying a home — or facing the loss of one — or you are a commercial real estate investor looking to add another property to your portfolio, you might have to deal with real estate contracts. Real estate contracts and other agreements can become complex, and there are many details you have to make sure are included — or not included — to protect yourself and your investment.

Our firm helps both individuals and businesses deal with all the legal issues that can crop up when working with real estate transactions. When considering legal issues dealing with real estate, many people think of thinks such as sales contracts, mortgages, real estate taxes or building code requirements. But legal issues can begin even before you enter the final stages of the transaction — an experienced real estate lawyer might be able to help you negotiate better terms, for example.

Other common issues that could arise during a real estate transaction include issues of abatement or queries about various rights to the land being purchased. Environmental concerns are one thing that can become very complex if you don’t understand how real estate and environmental laws might intersect. Just because you purchase a piece of property, for example, doesn’t mean you can build just anything on it. Just because you purchase a building doesn’t mean you can make any change you want to the structure. Understanding what environmental and zoning limitations are in place before you buy is important.

Our experience in both contract law and real estate law can help you avoid entering into real estate agreements that might be fraught with future troubles. We help you understand your choices and protect your interests through the process.


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