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Harassment still common in academic medicine industry

The world of academic medicine is fueled by highly educated individuals, many of whom are doctors. Historically, the industry featured a mostly male student and eventual employee makeup, though today females account for a much larger percent of individuals in the field. In a National Institutes of Health survey on the subject of sexual harassment, participants were all K08 or K23 grant recipients and approximately 46 percent were women.

Can grandparents apply for visitation in Michigan?

The Child Custody Act of 1970 is important for several reasons. To understand how your custody case is going to be handled, you need to understand the laws that surround it and how they apply in Michigan. The Act has information in it like how to seek grandparenting time, how to acknowledge paternity or parentage and what determines the best interests of a child.

Helping with the legal aspects of your joint business venture

Partnering with someone else to start a business has its perks. You don't feel so alone in the process, and you have another person to be excited with regarding the venture. You also have someone who can take on a share of the stress and responsibility, which is a major benefit when starting a business. However, if you aren't careful, a joint venture can become a terrible relationship and a business mistake.

With drunk driving deaths rising, ignition interlock law sought

Twenty-eight percent. That's how much the number of drunk driving fatalities increased from 2014 to 2015 in Michigan. The numbers were recently released by the Office of Highway Safety Planning. There were 303 people killed in 2015 and 236 in 2014.

CEO sues company after termination of contract

When you work for a company for many years, you pour your time and talent into it. As a CEO, you're in charge of much of the daily work going on, and you should be treated fairly. Still, that doesn't always happen, like in this case of of former GreenPath CEO who is now suing her former company over the ending of her career.

Friend of the Court custody evaluations in Michigan

Michigan parents who are going through a child custody battle in court will likely need to have a child custody evaluation completed. This is done by the Friend of the Court. This public agency takes the facts of the child custody battle into account and presents a written recommendation to the judge who is overseeing the case.

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