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Detroit man sought by police for armed robbery

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Authorities in Detroit are actively searching for a man who is suspected of robbing a woman at gunpoint on Saturday, July 9, in West Detroit. According to reports, the man approached the woman on a sidewalk as she was leaving a store around 6:30 p.m., ostensibly to sell her sunglasses before stealing her purse.

Witnesses corroborate that when the woman was uninterested in purchasing the sunglasses, the man produced a handgun, held the gun to her side, and proceeded to steal the purse hanging on her arm. The man then fled from the scene of the crime on foot. His likeness was caught on surveillance cameras. Authorities are asking for anyone with information on the whereabouts of the man to come forward and contact them.


If and when the suspect is caught, he is entitled to an excellent criminal defense by an experienced criminal defense attorney. While the narrative of this robbery may seem simple, it is up to the courts to hear whether there may be any defensible factors which played a part in his actions. Robberies committed under duress or while suffering a mental illness may see the charges reduced or dismissed for these mitigating factors.


Those who are charged with robbery should carefully consider how they choose to be represented. An experienced, qualified attorney will examine all angles of the case and provide a fair, aggressive defense and seek to protect the rights of the accused. Such qualified representation ensures the fairest possible judgment is reached at the end of the day.


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