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Fighting false claims of sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2016 | Uncategorized |

When sexual harassment does occur in the workplace, victims must have appropriate channels for making reports and seeking reparation for any damages they might have suffered. At the same time, companies and their employees might fear facing false allegations of sexual harassment, which can be detrimental to personal careers and brand reputations. Planning a strong defense against such allegations — a defense that is both within the law and cooperative with an employer’s policies in certain cases — is critical.

The strongest defense isn’t always a loud and immediate assertion that you are innocent. Speaking up in such a manner might be your instinct, but what you say and do can actually be used against you — even if you are innocent. You might want to confront your accuser to find out why he or she is leveling these allegations against you, but that can be a dangerous idea that puts your entire defense at risk.

Instead of being loud and confrontational or assuring everyone who will listen of your innocence, consider speaking with a lawyer who can help you craft a viable defense strategy. Our firm works with commercial clients and business owners who are facing sexual harassment allegations, especially in the form of lawsuits. We help you investigate the matter and create a strong defense in or out of the courtroom.

Sexual harassment claims can be damaging whether you win or lose any associated case. A legal professional can help you plan to win any case, but he or she will also help you plan to mitigate damage and exposure regardless of any outcome. Remember: Simply denying you did anything wrong doesn’t always solve the problem, even if you’re innocent of the allegations.


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