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Big 3D printing partnerships take shape

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2016 | Business Law |

Even just a few years ago, the idea of 3D printing sounded like some sort of science fiction fad. But the somewhat controversial technology was real. And it is gaining realer applications day by day. 

A recent business partnership announcement with ties in Detroit shows how real 3D printing is becoming as an applicable technology. Both Ford and Boeing will partner with Stratasys and use 3D printing in their manufacturing processes. 

This means that 3D printing will be used more and more for automotive and aerospace products. Should these partnerships result in reliable devices and overall strong vehicular crafts, it is easy to imagine how the 3D printing industry will boom and spread into all kinds of industries worldwide.

No matter the kind of business or intended business partnership, it is crucial for all business entities in the potential deal to work with an attorney whom they trust. The success or failure of a partnership can define, boost or sink a business. 

While it might seem like all parties would have the same goal for the transaction, each individual business entity has its own interests that must be protected. Especially if it is a smaller or newer business entering into a partnership with larger, successful businesses, the smaller entity might feel it has little to lose.

An experienced corporate lawyer can help you and your business only enter into a contract that reflects your business goals. Don’t hesitate to seek legal support at any time during the process of negotiating a corporate partnership.



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