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Myth vs. reality in domestic violence

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2016 | Family Law |

People who have never been the target of domestic violence often have misconceptions about the victims and the abusers. It is important that all members of society develop an accurate concept of domestic violence. Doing so can ensure a better understanding of this nationwide problem while increasing the public’s awareness. In turn, better understanding and awareness could serve as early warning signs to potential victims and even to potential abusers.

To help Detroit residents increase their own understanding about domestic violence, this family law post will feature a few myths about the problem as well as information to refute them.

Myth: Domestic violence is rare.

Reality: American shelters for battered women are only able to accommodate 10 to 40 percent of the women who are in need of shelter

Myth: It is easy for battered women to leave.

Reality: Many factors make it difficult for abused women to find a way out. These include financial obstacles, religious beliefs, shame, dependent children and psychological conflict

Myth: Victims of abuse must have provoked the abuser.

Reality: The abuser alone is responsible for his or her actions, although many abusers do try to deflect the blame onto the victim

Myth: Only women are affected by domestic violence.

Reality: Anyone can be the target of domestic violence including men, children and the elderly. Additionally, boys who have witnessed this abuse are more likely to become an abuser

Family law attorneys often become a vital advocate for victims of domestic abuse. Some of the ways a lawyer can help include acquiring protective orders, helping victims file for divorce and providing professional guidance in child custody cases.

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