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Spousal support in Detroit — 4 myths debunked

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2016 | Family Law |

Most residents of Oakland County would agree that marriage has undergone a dramatic evolution in recent decades. At one time, the wife in a marriage remained in the home caring for children and taking care of the household. Now, both spouses usually hold jobs or maintain careers, each of them contributing in some way to the household’s finances.

Despite the evolution of marriage, alimony remains a large issue in many divorces. While the legal system has evolved to a degree in order to address the financial aspects of contemporary divorces, there remain a lot of myths regarding spousal support. As a family law firm serving Detroit families, we want to take some time to debunk a few of these myths. We hope this information will aid you in achieving the best possible financial outcome in your divorce.

Myth: I am entitled to receive alimony.

Reality: No one is automatically entitled to alimony. Your divorce lawyer may petition for spousal support but it is up to the court to decide.

Myth: Alimony ensures I can continue my standard of living.

Reality: In most cases, the amount of spousal support awarded is designed to address basic living needs only.

Myth: Alimony is non-taxable.

Reality: Spousal support is viewed as income and the recipient is required to pay taxes on this income.

Myth: I will receive alimony forever.

Reality: In truth, spousal support in modern times is awarded to help the recipient become self-sufficient, meaning it will end eventually.

Spousal support is just one of the many family law issues that can complicate divorce in Michigan. Please continue exploring our website to learn how a lawyer can help.


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