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Drunk driving charges can drive you straight to financial trouble

On Behalf of | May 14, 2017 | Blog |

When you think of things that cost a lot of money, or situations, purchases and decisions that may lead to financial problems, you might be like many other Michigan residents who would include superfluous spending and unwise purchases on their lists. Other situations, however, can be just as financially devastating although you might not even realize it at the time. For instance, do you know drunk driving charges can lead to long-term financial trouble?

As many as four million adults throughout the nation allegedly admitted to operating motor vehicles while intoxicated in 2010. In fact, there are at least one million alcohol-related arrests with drunk driving charges filed every year. Many of them may not realize the serious financial consequences often associated with such incidents.

Basic financial costs associated with drunk driving charges

As soon a police officer charges you with driving under the influence of alcohol, an automated process begins. State laws regarding various particulars about such charges may vary, but the following list shows the most basic financial consequences you’ll likely incur if you find yourself in such circumstances:

  • Lost wages: It’s not uncommon that someone charged with drunk driving has to call off work in order to appear in court, meet with an attorney or some other official having to do with the situation. In fact, this type of financial repercussion can be quite severe if your boss decides to eliminate your position rather than adjust your schedule. 
  • Court costs: When your case is adjudicated, you may be responsible for any costs or fees associated with the court process. 
  • Fines: If the court hands down a conviction, penalties against you may include substantial fines. Depending on an individual situation, monetary judgments may range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

In some states, the state may confiscate your vehicle in certain drunk driving situations. This is sometimes a temporary sanction, other times, permanent. If you think of how much you depend on your vehicle, it’s not difficult to imagine the financial devastation that can occur if it’s suddenly taken away from you. Of course, there are also potentially severe personal penalties involved with drunk driving convictions as well, such loss of freedom, damaged reputation, and loss of driving privileges.

An experienced Michigan criminal defense attorney knows how to review a particular situation and determine how best to proceed to mitigate the circumstances as much as possible. In fact, the chances of avoiding conviction altogether are greatest for those who choose to act alongside skilled representation in court.


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