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Many marriages erode, rather than ending overnight

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2018 | Uncategorized |

A lot of times, perhaps because of how this often happens in the movies, people think of divorce as something sudden. An unsuspecting spouse finds out the other person is having an affair and suddenly gets divorced.

This happens. It absolutely does. However, divorce experts point out that most marriages do not end all at once like this. Instead, they slowly erode over time.

Why does this happen? The reasons are many, and they are different for every couple. In a lot of cases, multiple factors all work together to chip away at the base of that marriage.

For instance, one spouse may get a promotion at work and start working longer and longer hours. The job becomes an obsession. That person starts traveling for work and is gone for days or weeks at a time.

Couples can perhaps tough it out for a while, but what if there is no end in sight?

Emotional difficulties can also erode the marriage. One spouse may be withdrawn and uncaring. He or she may make jokes at the other person’s expense or ignore when that person is feeling alienated and forgotten.

One little insult won’t end the marriage over the weekend. Five years of little insults with no emotional support probably will. It just takes time.

Do you think that your marriage has been eroding for years now? Maybe you cannot point to any one disastrous moment, but you know it’s going to end. If so, take the time to look into all of your legal options and make sure you understand your rights during a divorce.


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