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Setting a parenting plan requires compromise

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2018 | Uncategorized |

Children thrive with consistency. When their parents are going through a divorce, everything they’ve known seems to be changing. This is a difficult spot for these kids. You have to be prepared to help them with the adjustment if you and the other parent are ending the marriage. We are here to help you work out a child custody order that can help your children have the consistency they need.

There are many aspects of custody that need to be worked out. Typically, parents will use a negotiation process to work out the details. This puts them in charge and allows them to tailor the arrangement to their situation. If they can’t work out a parenting plan, they can have the court set one.

When you are going through the matters to decide upon, there are quite a few to think about. One of the most important is the schedule the child will follow. This involves deciding a regular parenting time schedule, but it also means deciding on a holiday schedule for special days. We can help you find creative custody solutions that put your children’s needs first.

Another important aspect of custody is decision-making rights. You have to decide if you and your ex are going to make decisions about medical care, religion and schooling together. If you won’t make these together, a parent needs to be assigned to each important area.

We realize that you have an idea of what you think the parenting plan needs to be, but you have to be ready to compromise. It is best if you spell out what parts of the custody case are the most important to you. This lets us know where to focus our efforts.


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