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Modifications of support payments are sometimes necessary

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2018 | Uncategorized |

Changes in life’s circumstances sometimes require you to alter your budget. When you have a child support order in place, you might find that this obligation has become difficult to meet. Of course, you want to provide for your children, but the monthly amount may be too great for you to continue paying it each month as stated in the terms of your support order.

Child support modifications are possible when there are major changes in your finances. You won’t be granted a modification for things over which you have control, e.g., buying a bigger house with a much higher mortgage payment. Instead, modifications are meant for circumstances like being demoted or losing your job.

We know that asking for a reduction in child support payments might be difficult for you. You know that your kids count on that money. But consider the alternative. If you are unable to make the payments, you could end up in legal trouble. Non-payment of child support could even land you in jail, which isn’t a good situation for any parent.

Another reason to seek a modification when necessary is that the child’s other parent will know what to expect. This is better for them than having to wait on a support payment that might be late or that may not come at all.

When you seek a modification, you must provide an accurate account of your finances. We are here to help you with this and all other aspect of your support and custody orders. Just don’t wait too long to seek a modification if you need one. Waiting can put undue stress on you and your finances.


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