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Thinking about being single? Take these steps first

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2018 | Family Law |

Just like weddings, you need to do a little planning if you want a good divorce. You can usually hire a wedding planner to help you get into a marriage — but there aren’t a lot of “divorce planners” out there. That means that you need to take matters in hand and do most of the planning yourself.

Here are some of the most important tips that experts have to offer about planning your divorce:

Get savvy about money

Do you have a good grip on the state of your family financials? If you have a family business, do you know how well it’s really doing? Start taking a good look at the financial documents that come into the house and make copies of everything.

Keep your stash of copies somewhere outside of the house — at a trusted friend’s or relative’s place is often best. You’ll have a much easier time proving what your marital assets are worth if your spouse doesn’t play fair.

Maintain your lifestyle

If you expect to receive spousal support, don’t start tightening your belt and reducing your budget for personal expenses until after you file for divorce.

A lot of people cut back on their expenses in anticipation of a divorce, but that can be damaging if a judge looks at the lifestyle they maintained over the previous year in order to determine fair support. Make sure you document how much you spend so that you can prove to the court what your personal expenses each month usually are.

Control your image

It’s hard to picture the future when you’re stuck in a period where your emotions are raw. However, you need to spend some time getting your emotions under control and deciding how you want to be seen in the future. Your image is important, so think about how an emotional reaction to different events during your divorce could affect the way that you appear to others.

For example, before you post a missive about your spouse’s shortcomings on social media, stop and think about how that could be perceived as vindictive. This simple reflection can prevent people from making a lot of mistakes they might regret later.

Once you’re ready to divorce, an attorney can help you assess your situation and better understand what you can expect.


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