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Getting an early start on a high-profile divorce is wise

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2020 | Family Law |

No matter who you are, an upcoming divorce suddenly throws a light on all of your marital troubles. That can leave you feeling especially exposed during what’s already a vulnerable time.

It’s even worse when your life is already in the public eye to some degree. If either you or your spouse holds a prominent place in the community, you may want to work together from the beginning to minimize any intrusion into your personal lives.

According to the experts, here’s what you need to remember when you pick an attorney:

  • Look for an advocate that is protective of your privacy. Make sure that you don’t pick someone who prefers the limelight. This could give them an opportunity to make some unnecessary headlines regarding your divorce.
  • Find an attorney who will go out of their way to keep your meetings private as long as possible. They should be willing to work with your spouse’s legal advocate to arrive at an amicable split.
  • Your attorney should tell you “no” when you need to hear it. Your emotions may be running high. You don’t want someone who is incapable of putting you in check when you need to hear the truth about your situation. Accept good advice (even if you don’t like what you’re being told).
  • Seek an attorney who understands that timing is everything. Depending on your profession, there may be good and bad times to announce your divorce to the media. You don’t want the news to break, for example, right before you have a big public event on the horizon and it would be a huge distraction).

High-profile divorces have the potential to spiral out of control very quickly and cause a lot of collateral damage to your reputation and life. Find out more about our office’s services and let us help you move forward.


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