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Why co-parenting is a great custody arrangement

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2020 | Child Custody |

It’s often said that no two marriages are the same. Likewise, marriages end for a number of reasons. However, for most parents who divorce, their top priority is the well-being of the children. According to recent studies, children benefit the most when both parents are involved in their lives. This is a primary reason why shared parenting, or co-parenting, has become the preferred child custody arrangement for many Michigan parents.

Co-parenting has numerous benefits for both children and parents. For many small children, it can be psychologically traumatizing to know that their parents are living separate lives and are no longer going to be together. Co-parenting can make the children feel safer and allow them to feel a sense of normalcy by showing them that both parents love them and are still there for them.

Co-parenting can also be very beneficial for ex-spouses. A marital breakup can be a challenge, but co-parenting often allows ex-spouses to build a respectful and cordial relationship due to their common interest in parenting the children. Also, co-parenting means that one parent isn’t doing all the work. Responsibilities and expenditures are shared, so raising the children does not become a burden.

With two parents sharing responsibilities and setting boundaries, the children will benefit from a more stable upbringing. However, remember that child custody laws will vary from state to state so it can be helpful for parents to gain an understanding of these laws. Parents in Michigan who have questions about child custody or custody arrangements may want to consider discussions with an experienced and knowledgeable family law attorney.


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