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How to know when mediation is the best option for divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2020 | Family Law |

No couple ties the knot with intentions of one day ending the marriage. However, people and situations inevitably change, and sometimes divorce is the best course of action. These days, more and more separating couples in Michigan are choosing mediation rather than a drawn-out, contentious litigation. During divorce mediation, spouses and attorneys meet with an impartial mediator to resolve their differences through negotiation.

Mediation is typically best for spouses who would rather cooperate and work together to resolve their divorce rather than fight it out in court. In order for mediation to work as intended, there has to be a level of trust among spouses. Both spouses need to be willing to communicate and pursue a fair and amicable negotiation. By allowing all parties to voice concerns, conflict is often kept at a minimum.

Many couples choose mediation because this process can be less stressful and far less costly than litigation. The process can also be tailored and customized to fit the couple’s needs. Mediation is entirely confidential, so separating spouses won’t have to worry about their matters being public knowledge. However, couples should not pursue mediation unless they are willing to fully disclose all information in advance. Without disclosure of information, mediation will most likely fail ultimately.

Mediation is a great way for divorcing couples to set aside their emotional differences and develop mutually agreed upon solutions to benefit both parties. Although mediation is not always the best route to take amid a divorce, it can be perfect for Michigan couples who want to settle their disputes quickly and cost effectively. Those who have questions or want to know more about mediation or any aspect of divorce can benefit by contacting an attorney who is knowledgeable in family law.


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