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How to have a positive and healthy co-parenting relationship

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2021 | Family Law |

Although parents in Michigan divorce for any number of reasons, a common area of concern is usually the well-being of the children. It goes without saying that divorce is often an emotionally and psychologically challenging family law proceeding, but parents in a co-parenting child custody arrangement must work together to ensure the children and their needs are met. Here are a few strategies parents can utilize to have a happy and healthy co-parenting relationship. 

Communication is crucial 

Effective communication is vital to making a shared parenting arrangement work as intended. Parents should find and establish a communication strategy that works best for them. Just remember to always make sure the communication about the welfare of the children remains open. Never shut down conversations in an attempt to punish or retaliate against the other parent.  

Stick to the schedule 

Once the parenting time arrangement is established, try not to change it. Treat the parenting schedule like it is set in stone. Not only will this help parents organize their time, but it will also make the children feel secure. Parents who cancel or modify the parenting time schedule too often are doing a disservice to their children. 

Put the children first 

Regardless of the circumstances or issues with the other parent, remember that this is about the children and put them first always. Understandably, it can be difficult to communicate or be cordial after a messy divorce, but do whatever it takes to put the kids first. In some cases, working with a family therapist may help co-parents bring the conversation back to what is best for the children. 

Co-parenting takes work and will not be easy. It can be a challenge to put difficult emotions aside and put the well-being of the children first after a rocky divorce, but it is possible. Michigan parents who have questions about co-parenting or child custody could benefit by contacting an experienced family law attorney. 



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