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Looking to start a business? File the right documents

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2021 | Business Formation & Planning |

As much as starting a business may be a creative and personal endeavor for many Michigan entrepreneurs, it is also a legal one. As a result, it is necessary that those looking to start a business understand the steps involved and documents needed to ensure that their company opens its doors in accordance with the law. If that does not happen, the business could be closed down. 

Typically, new business owners need to file certain documents with the state before they can begin operating. The exact documents can depend on the type of business structure the entrepreneur intends to create, such as a limited liability company, sole proprietorship or partnership. These days, many entrepreneurs choose to open LLCs and need to file Articles of Organization. 

With LLCs, some of the important information to have when filing Articles of Organization with the state include the following: 

  • The exact business name the entrepreneur intends to use 
  • A registered agent designation 
  • Start date for the company 
  • The person or people acting as the organizer or organizers 

There is often a fee associated with filing these documents, so it is important that entrepreneurs understand their financial obligations upfront. These articles and other documents can play an important role in whether a business gets off on the right foot. As a result, Michigan entrepreneurs hoping to start a business correctly may want to obtain legal assistance with the process. Experienced business law attorneys could help interested parties understand the documents they need, how to fill them out and how to file them correctly. 


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