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These signs could mean divorce is inevitable

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2022 | Divorce |

When Michigan couples wed, they intend to stay married for the rest of their lives. However, people often change as time goes on. Things that were once the foundation for the relationship can begin to fade or may no longer be relevant at all. In some cases, divorce becomes the best option. If the following signs show up in a marriage, it could indicate that divorce is on the horizon.

No common ground

At the beginning of a marriage, differences can add a level of excitement and motivation. To make marriage last, though, compromise is usually necessary from both parties. If spouses love each other, they generally make efforts to be flexible. If a spouse becomes nonnegotiable or refuses to meet halfway on important issues, the marriage could be doomed.

Work-marriage balance

Career-related issues are a common stressor in many marriages these days. When a spouse prioritizes his or her career over the marriage, it may make the other spouse feel isolated, which often causes resentment within the relationship. Many times, this leads to the dissolution of the marriage.


When one or both spouses begin engaging in destructive behaviors, it could mean divorce is the best option. For example, a spouse may begin abusing drugs or pursuing extramarital affairs. If the marriage has become stressful and toxic, it is perfectly understandable to end the relationship.

Divorce is notoriously a stressful thing to go through. When it happens, the emotional and psychological pain may seem unbearable. However, as time validates the decision, it becomes easier to move on. Any individual in Michigan who is contemplating divorce or has questions about divorce may want to speak with a trusted legal representative. An experienced family law attorney can guide individuals through this challenging event while protecting personal interests.


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