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Measures employers can take to prevent worker lawsuits

On Behalf of | May 13, 2022 | Business Law |

In Michigan, a number of business laws exist to protect workers’ rights. Business owners may believe that simply caring for their employees and acting ethically will keep them out of legal trouble, but a more rigid risk management approach may be in the best interest of individuals looking to protect their business from potential lawsuits. The following are some of the things employers can do immediately to prevent any legal issues pertaining to worker rights. 

  • Do a risk assessment: Are there aspects of the business that could potentially lead to a legal issue for workers? It is worthwhile for employers to carefully think through what risks their business could potentially run when it comes to employees, and take measures to pre-empt these possible issues. 
  • Have policies in place: Small businesses may want to operate in a nimble way, but as soon as employees are in the mix, policies should be put in place to prevent any mismanagement and to establish norms that work for the business and are legally sound. 
  • Be careful about wage to hour compliance: Among the aforementioned risk considerations is wage and hour compliance. If employees are salaried, there is legislation that governs the hours they can work. Being contentious of this is very important for business owners looking to avoid any legal challenges. 

Even those who take extraordinary measures to prevent worker issues can find themselves on the other end of a lawsuit. However, taking risk management steps, such as having clear human resources policies, can make a big difference, even if these issues arise. Another risk management step that is a good idea for employers is finding a Michigan lawyer with familiarity in business matters to support both preventive steps and any responses that could be needed if something arises. 


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