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Mistakes to avoid when going through a divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2022 | Divorce |

The dissolution of a marriage can no doubt be stressful both emotionally and financially. Unfortunately, making bad moves during the divorce process can have negative impacts with long-ranging repercussions. Here are a couple of important mistakes to avoid making when going through divorce in Michigan.

Involving the children

One of the worst mistakes that divorcing parents often make is to use their children in a way that will hurt the other party. For instance, they may force their children to side with them against the other parent to upset the other parent. Instead, it is best for both parents to focus on putting the children first and lessening their trauma related to the divorce.

Hiding marital property

Divorcing individuals would also be wise to avoid hiding their marital property from the other party prior to getting divorced. They may be tempted to do this in an effort to hold onto what they believe are their rightful assets. However, if they file financial disclosures that are fraudulent, defy any court orders or lie while under oath, they may end up facing heavy fines or losing the assets they were attempting to protect altogether. They might even go to jail as a result of these actions.

Where to turn for help

The process of divorce can understandably be tricky to navigate. Fortunately, there is professional support and assistance readily available to those going through these challenging times. An experienced Michigan divorce attorney will work diligently to make sure the client’s rights and best interests are protected during all stages of the divorce process while also fighting for the best possible outcome.


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