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Prenuptial agreements can be crucial for entrepreneurs

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2022 | Family Law |

Entrepreneurs in Michigan know how long and hard they have worked to build their companies and businesses into what they are today. Many times, when people ambitiously start a business, they aren’t thinking about marriage or how a future spouse would fit into their venture. However, a divorce could have unintended consequences for entrepreneurs and business owners. Fortunately, a prenuptial agreement is a great option for any person who desires protection for their business or profession when heading into a marriage. 

Discussing a prenup 

Bringing up the notion of a prenup to a future spouse may seem nerve-racking and difficult. Nothing can kill the romance of marriage like talking about divorce. However, when discussing a prenuptial agreement, it may be helpful to know that a prenup does not only involve money. A prenup can also offer protection for family matters, kids and future career goals. Discussing a prenuptial agreement can set the stage for honesty and openness between future spouses throughout their marriage. 

Creating a suitable prenup 

Essentially, an appropriate prenuptial agreement needs to express the desires of both parties. Many couples use a mediator when creating a prenup. A mediator is a neutral, trained professional who can assist the couple in reaching an agreement. A mediator can facilitate difficult discussions and help the future spouses determine what they feel is fair within the structure of what the laws say in their state. 

When a couple is about to get married, it may be difficult to think about the possibility of divorce. But this is what a prenup covers. For business owners or those with assets to protect, a prenuptial agreement can be an essential document. Any person in Michigan who has questions or needs help with any aspect of family law could benefit by speaking with an experienced and knowledgeable legal representative. 


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