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Overlooked benefits of a joint child custody arrangement

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2023 | Child Custody |

Most Michigan residents would agree that raising children is easier when both parents are involved. Numerous studies have shown that children benefit the most when both parents are in their lives, which is a big reason why joint custody is very popular these days. When parents divorce, a joint child custody arrangement may be difficult at first. However, joint custody is often beneficial to all parties in the long run.

Routines and schedules

Kids often function better if they have a familiar routine or set daily schedule, especially younger children. Joint custody allows parents to create routines, thus giving children a sense of security as well as confidence. Set schedules also benefit parents, enabling parents to plan for the times when they will and will not have the children.

Financial responsibilities

Raising children is expensive. A commonly overlooked benefit with a joint custody arrangement is that parents are able to share financial responsibilities. The costs of things like school supplies, extracurricular activities and field trips can be split between parents instead of one parent having to shoulder the load of all expenses.


Joint custody enables parents to make time for themselves. Since children will be rotating between parents, the parent who does not have the children has time to themselves to rest and recharge. This enables parents to show up as the best versions of themselves for the children.

Divorce puts an emotional, psychological and physical strain on all parties involved. After a divorce, parents should remember that their relationship is about the kids now, so always keep the well-being of the children at the forefront of every decision. Michigan parents who need help or have questions about any aspect of child custody can speak with an experienced family law attorney.


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