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The most common causes of divorce today

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2023 | Family Law |

Spouses today decide to separate for many reasons. Cultural shifts over the last few decades in the United States have helped to somewhat normalize divorce and reduce some of the stigmas that once surrounded marital breakups. These shifting beliefs have also influenced why spouses choose to separate. Here are some of the most common reasons for divorce today in Michigan.


Infidelity has always been one of the most common causes of divorce across the country, and today it’s no different. For many people, being cheated on by a spouse who vowed to stay faithful forever is an unforgivable offense. Once trust is broken in a marriage it may never be regained.

Communication problems

When spouses don’t communicate or suffer a breakdown in communication, separation often follows. Spouses who do not communicate appropriately can suffer misunderstandings and may not be able to resolve their marital issues. Many times, marriages end because of a lack of effective communication.

Financial problems

Issues surrounding money and finances are some of the biggest causes of divorce today. Massive debt can become overwhelming. If spouses have fundamental differences in the way they think about money, their marriage can ultimately suffer.

Professional assistance

Although spouses never go into a marriage with the intent to end it later, sometimes divorce is the best option. Those in Michigan who have questions or are contemplating divorce can get help by meeting with an experienced legal professional. A seasoned family law attorney can provide much-needed guidance and help clients protect their personal interests.


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