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Avoid summertime blues from child custody problems

On Behalf of | May 30, 2023 | Child Custody |

Many Michigan parents have recently parted ways. When a family experiences the life changes that such decisions bring, there is a season of “firsts” that unfolds throughout the year. For those who divorce during late winter or spring, this will be the first summer they experience as a family in separate households. Child custody problems can ruin a summer break, so it is wise to learn how to avoid them.  

Kids might think it is fun to have multiple summer vacations. However, juggling the logistics between former spouses can be challenging. Things can get messy, especially if the parents don’t get along. Keeping several tips in mind can help smooth the way to an enjoyable summer after divorce. 

Respect dates involving the other parent  

It would not be nice for a parent to schedule a summer vacation with his or her children on the other parent’s birthday. Several holidays occur during summer break, such as Father’s Day and Independence Day. To avoid contention and legal problems, discuss these issues ahead of time and incorporate terms into the child custody agreement.  

Always keep lines of communication open for kids and parents 

Child custody problems are less likely to occur for Michigan parents while vacationing with their kids after a divorce if they make sure their children always have full access to the other parent. It is also a kind gesture to share vacation itineraries between parents, so both parents always know where their children are. Sadly, some families have experienced serious legal problems when one parent tries to prevent children from contacting the other parent. Keeping contact info on hand for an experienced child custody law attorney can help resolve any issues that arise.  


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