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How to know if collaborative divorce is an option

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2023 | Divorce |

Dissolving a marriage in Michigan is notorious for being a stress-filled and emotional process. However, there is a less stressful option for spouses who want to end their marriage efficiently without the hostility that often comes with a traditional, litigated divorce. Collaborative divorce is an option for couples who are willing to negotiate and work together to end their marriage. 

What is a collaborative divorce? 

In a collaborative divorce, both spouses cooperate from beginning to end to dissolve their marriage as efficiently and straightforwardly as possible. One goal here is to avoid a lengthy and costly court battle. Before beginning the process, both spouses and their legal representatives sign agreements that they will work together and negotiate to keep the matter out of court. 


Since a collaborative divorce avoids a court trial, the cost of ending the marriage is greatly reduced. This is a big reason why many couples pursue a collaborative divorce. Also, since the goal of collaborative divorce is to work together, there are fewer disagreements that can potentially hold up the process. This often makes collaborative divorce a much faster option than a traditional divorce. 

Help with divorce 

Contrary to popular belief, a marital breakup does not have to be a negative, stressful process. When couples are willing to work together, they may be able to amicably dissolve their marriage and avoid many of the negative consequences commonly associated with divorce. Those in Michigan who have questions about any aspect of divorce can benefit by consulting an experienced family law attorney who can help them determine the best course of action relative to their situation. 


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